Carolina Beach Elementary

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School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan

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All students will value themselves, their environment, their relationships, their learning, and their future.


Carolina Beach Elementary School will strive to create a positive environment that instills core values, and nurtures lifelong learning, through school and community collaboration.

Core Values

• To build sustainable life skills for success

• Provide a safe, positive learning environment

• To recognize and develop individual talent and ability



Committee Position - Name

Principal - Deanna Leake
Assistant Principal Representative: Ann Tomjack
Teacher Representative Chair - Rachel TaylorJoyce/Carrie Boos
Teacher Representative - K Rachel TaylorJoyce
Teacher Representative - 1st Peter Hunt 
Teacher Representative - 2nd Carrie Boos
Teacher Representative - 3rd Blair Williams 
Teacher Representative - 4th Tracey Tugwell
Teacher Representative - 5th Colleen Loukas 
Teacher Representative - EC Sue Townsend
Teacher Representative - Eric Smith 
AIG Representative - Scott Dodd
Inst. Support Representative - Wendy Ivey
Inst. Support Representative - Heather Kurtz
Inst. Support Representative - Alycia Thomas
Inst. Support Representative - Sharon Walton
Teacher Assistant Representative - Melissa Childers 
Parent Representatives - Kristen Dunn and Anya Jones 
SRO Officer - Stewart Henderson
Cafeteria Representative - Betsy Nusbaumer

School Improvement Team Meeting Minutes

August 2018 SIT Meeting

October 2018 SIT Meeting

December 2018 SIT Meeting

February 2019 SIT Meeting

July 2019 SIT Meeting